CRC16 in big endian order

// CRC16 in big endian order
const crcArr = new Uint8Array(2);
crcArr[0] = crcByte1;
crcArr[1] = crcByte2;
const buffer = crcArr.buffer;
const datav = new DataView(buffer);
const uint16 = datav.getUint16(0, false); // big endian
byteArr[index++] = uint16 & 0xff;
byteArr[index++] = uint16 >> 8;

Android for Windows

Path for windows:

Display Virtuals As NoEdit Fields In Keystone Admin UI

Use the post init hook.
For example:

Assume the Post list model has the following, of which contentFull will be filled from the content.full virtual:

content: {
    brief: { type: Types.Html, wysiwyg: true, height: 150 },
    extended: { type: Types.Html, wysiwyg: true, height: 400 }
contentFull: {type: Types.Html, wysiwyg: true, height: 400, noedit: true}
Post.schema.virtual('content.full').get(function() {
    return this.content.extended || this.content.brief;

Then you can fill up contentFull as follows:'init', function() {
    this.contentFull = this.content.full;

Git pull submodule

Git Pull with Submodule

For a repo with submodules, we can pull all submodules using

git submodule update --init --recursive

for the first time. All submodules will be pulled down locally.

To update submodules, we can use

git submodule update --recursive --remote

or simply

git pull --recurse-submodules

mergeDebugResources FAILED React Native

When you’re inside your project directory try using :

cd android && gradlew clean cd .. && react-native run-android